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Endast certifierade, testade produkter och maskiner för att säkerställer den perfekta behandlingen för din hud.


Utbildade och certifierade

Hos oss träffar du som kund , certifierad och auktoriserad personal.

Många års erfarenhet

Utbildade inom medicin och har en lång erfarenhet från apoteksbranschen


Kungligaskönhetskliniken erbjuder lyx behandlingar till ett lågt pris!

När du som kund kliver in i vår klinik kommer du att omgivas av en lyxig och avslappnad atmosfär.


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Why Our Clients
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From 1 July 2021, the law on requirements for medical staff in the case of beauty procedures will enter into force. By law, everyone who practices cosmetic surgery will be a licensed physician, dentist, or nurse practitioner. We think that this is a very important and necessary development, given the unregulated situation that currently prevails. We are pleased that patients are protected and that everyone’s health is protected, regardless of the type of treatment they choose.

Our Treatments


Botox is a muscle relaxant (botulinum toxin) that is injected under the skin. Botox is used in many different contexts. Bl.a. for the treatment of migraines, sweating and gnashing of teeth. Botox is particularly suitable for the treatment of wrinkles between the eyes, wrinkles on the forehead and wrinkles on the edges of the eyes. It works because Botox limits the activity of the muscles that cause wrinkles. When the activity decreases, the wrinkles decrease.


PRP treatment, also called vampire treatment, is a natural, simple and painless treatment for hair loss and stimulates hair growth, as well as for skin with, for example, wrinkles, sun damage and scars. PRP on the skin can be performed on the face, neck, décolleté or hands. For hair loss, the treatment is performed on the scalp.


Filler is one of the most popular aesthetic treatments today because it involves low risk and gives immediate results. At Nyköpingskliniken, the treatment is always performed by a doctor and we use Juverderm and Revolax. Which filler is used is based on which product is most suitable for your specific needs.


Foot care for preventive purposes, you get a softening foot bath, nail care and finish with foot massage. Medical foot care, we treat your ailments such as corns, warts or nail cramps. Book Helene on telephone no: 070 49 57 498.

Plasma Pen

Plasma Pen treatment is a non-invasive treatment to effectively lift and tighten sagging skin on both the face and body. An alternative to surgery with effective and long-lasting results.

Iconic Smile - Teeth whitening

Being able to get whiter teeth in just a short visit is very popular! And we also love that it is a gentle treatment!

Exklusiv hudvård & Skönhet i Bandhagen - Stockholm!

Hos oss träffar du som kund , certifierad och auktoriserad personal.

Varmt välkomna!

Pure Natural Bliss

We are very proud of the service we provide and stand by every product we carry. Read our testimonials from our happy customers.

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We pride ourselves on our level of customer service and we love hearing great feedback from our happy clients.

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We pride ourselves on our level of customer service and we love hearing great feedback from our happy clients.


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